13-10-2019 Taatsche - Ball - Grisighorn(3177m), voie normale, normal route, Arête E, Valais, Suisse

text and photos: Xavier

Distance - 11,85km
Height gain - 1439m
Height lost - 1439m
Altitude Max - 3177m
Altitude min - 1770m
Type - linear
Effective walk: 5h45m
Degree of difficulty- T5, I
track: here

video of the day

In this beautiful Sunday i returned to the Haut Valais, to the region of Belalp.
I took the car until Taatsche(1780m), start the hike by the marked path until Ball, at Bäll i continue NO, cross the river and quit the marked path to NO heading straight to Grisighorn, there are some old marks until about 2400m, Schonu Biel, from there i spotted the key passage to join the East ridge of Grisighorn, there are some usefull cairns along the way, once at the ridge i followed it until the summit, there are some passages of climbing grade I, that can be avoided by the left side, on the right side there is a void all along the way.
With 3h10m of hike i reached the Cross at the summit of Grisighorn(3177m), colossal view to Bietschhorn, one the most beautiful mountains in the Valais.
I ate my sandwich and had plenty of time to appreciate the landscape. It is my 82th summit 3000 in the Valais canton.
To return i hiked the same way, sort of, 1h45m from the summit until the car, what a nice hike and a beautiful day.

back noose sheep

Grisighorn at the centre

key passage to access the ridge

on the East ridge

looking back

beautiful east ridge

looking back
close to the summit


at the Grisighorn


book of summit
on the way down

Ganderhorn at the centre, another one on my list