28-09-2019 VTT Troistorrents - Grand Crau - Chanso - Champeronne, Valais, Suisse

Distance - 18,87km
Height gain - 670m
Height lost - 670m
Altitude Max - 1570m
Altitude min - 910m
Type - tour
Effective cycling: 1h55m

video of the day

a nice bike tour in my backyard

22-09-2019 Lac d'Emosson - Barberine - Combe des Fonds - L'Epaule, Valais, Suisse

text and photos: Xavier

Distance - 20,30km
Height gain - 1250m
Height lost - 1250m
Altitude Max - 3010m
Altitude min - 1930m
Type - linear
Effective walk: 6h10m
Degree of difficulty- T4
track: here

video of the day

The goal of today’s hike is not a summit but a shoulder of the beatiful mountain Tour Sallière, called l’Épaule(3010m).
I started at the parking of the Lac d’Emosson, crossed the tunnel to the NO, in the East side of the Lac d’Emosson, i continued by this road to Barberine where it becomes a path, ignore the path to the Col de Barberine and continue next to the lake until reach the end of it, once at the north tip of the lake i’m at Combe des Fonds, i continue direction NE and a bit further the path disappears as i start to gain some altitude, the direction stays always the same, sometimes there are some cairns, i climbed in the small valley between l’Épaule(3010m) and Pointe d’Aboillon(2969m), before reaching Glaciers de la Tour Sallière i climbed straight north to join L’Épaule(3010m), once there the landscspe is very beautiful, i stay next to the East ridge of the Tour Sallière(T6), probably one day, in many directions the fog dominates the mountains but not the Dents du Midi, a perspective that i’m not used to have, together with Lac de Salanfe they form an outstanding view.
Also when i was the summit i had the chance of having a gypaette barbu flying over me, it is always a very nice moment.
After eating lunch i started the return, approximately by the same way, 2h15m later i returned to the starting point.

Mont Blanc

Lac d'Emosson


Combe des Fonds

Tour Sallière

Tour Sallière

gypaette barbu


Lac de Salanfe

Mont Blanc massif

Dents du Midi
Dents du Midi and Lac de Salanfe

Lac d'Emosson