24-08-2019 Mauvoisin - Lac de Mavousin - Lac Crête Sèche -p3150m - Pointe d'Ayace(3019m), Val de Bagnes, Valais, Suisse

text and photos: Xavier

Distance - 37,16km
Height gain - 1400m
Height lost - 1400m
Altitude Max - 3150m
Altitude min - 1840m
Type - linear
Effective walk and cycling: 6h40m
Degree of difficulty- T4
track: aqui

video do dia

the hike i had chosen for this Saturday i wasn't quite sure if i could make it to the peak because there is no information available on the internet about this Pointe d'Ayace (3019m), when analyzing the map it seemed possible but once on the ground is always different.
This time to cross Lac Mauvoisin i used the bike which is a great option to travel along the valley.
With 1h45m of bicycle i reached the small dam of Otemma at 2370m, a dam fed by the Glacier d'Otemma.
At this place i leave the bike and go to the Crete Sèche Valley, 10 minutes later i pass the Lac Crete Sèche where the markings change from red and white to blue and white.
At this point, at 2440m, the peak is visible and seems accessible from there, i looked for cairns but saw nothing.
I continued through the Crete Sèche valley towards the passo with the same name, around 2600m i decided to leave the marked trail and go to the right, as i advanced towards the NE edge of Mont Gelé i was looking for the existence of a kind of trail but nothing.
i advance full west negotiating with the terrain, progression is never difficult.
At around 3000m i reached the ridge, the Pointe d'Ayace (3019m) was on my right and looked good.
Once on the edge i continued towards Mont Gelé and went to point 3158m where the edge is quite steep, it looks very alpine.
Enjoyed the scenery i started the descent down the edge to the Pointe d'Ayace (3019m) that i reach without difficulty, the view of the glacier d'Otemma is interesting.
To return to Lac Crete Sèche I went down the eastern ridge and then down a corridor evident in the map, without problem,
Precisely when i reached the bike it started to rain and no longer stopped until returning to the car, with 1h10m after leaving the small dam of Otemma, i returned to the starting point, Mauvoisin.

Total cycling time - 3h
Total hiking Time - 3h35m

 Lac de Mauvoisin

 Pointe d'Ayace

 see u later bike!
 prise d'eau d'Otemma

 Lac Crête Sèche

Crête Sèche valley

 where i abandoned the marked trail

 Otemma glacier

 Otemma glacier


Mont Gelé

 Pointe d'Ayace

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