11-10-2019 Trient - Col de Balme - Les Grandes Otanes - Combe des Grands - Refuge des Grands, Valais, Suisse

text and photos: Xavier

Distance - 15,23km
Height gain - 1350m
Height lost - 1350m
Altitude Max - 2670m
Altitude min - 1330m
Type - tour
Effective walk: 6h
Degree of difficulty- T4, II
track: here

video of the day

Return to the origins, 6 years ago that is where everything started, our love for the Alps, our first time at Col de Balme is something that we will never forget, that awesome view to the Chamonix valley and the summits of Mont Blanc and Aiguille Vert, while hiking the Tour of Mont Blanc.
We started this beautiful day at La Peuty(Trient), after 1h45m of hike we reached Col de Balme, little pause to eat something, then we went SE to the ridge of Les Grandes Otanes(2679m), it’s a nice hike with a couple passages of climbing grade II, the view is always awesome, once at the summit i continued south to reach a small col where i started the descent to Chaux des Grands, there are some cairns, from 2280m there is a path that leads to Refuge des Grands, then i continued to East and there is a very nice part of the trail, very beautiful.
I kept descending and one hour later i was at the starting point, Le Peuty.
 Le Peuty

 Croix de Fer

 Refuge at Col de Balme

 Chamonix valley

 Aiguilles Rouges
 Mont Blanc
 Aiguille Vert

heading to the ridge
 looking back to Col de Balme

 Mont Blanc

Tour Sallière and Dents du Midi

 looking back

concentration here

 at the summit of Les Grandes Otanes

 Chauyx des Grands

 glacier des Grands
 towards Chamonix valley

 Aiguille Vert
 Mont Blanc
 Mont Buet
 Tour Sallière and Dents du Midi

 Chaux des Grands

 beautiful scenery

 nice path

 Refuge des Grands


 look at this landscape!

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