16-07-2019 Alta Via 2 Dolomites, day 3, Passo Gardena - Rifugio F. Cavazza - Rifugio Boe - Forcela del Pordoi - Passo Pordoi - Col de Paussa, Italy

texto e fotografias: Xavier

Distance - 20,39km
Height gain - 1300m
Height lost - 1400m
Altitude Max - 2970m
Altitude min - 2100m
Type - linear
Effective walk: 8h30m
Degree of difficulty- T4
track: aqui

video do dia

Gardena Pass - F. Cavazza Rifugio - Boe Pass - Pordoi Pass - Cuch Col - Viel dal Pan Pass - Paussa Col

Long this third stage, we had breakfast at the hotel and started the hike, a warm-up with the approaching climb to the Rifugio F. Cavazza, funny and uncomplicated via ferrata.
Rifugio F. Cavazza is in a magnificent place, the day before if it had been good weather, we would have continued and that was where we would have camped.
From the Cavazza we continue south in a very beautiful cenario.
Shortly after passing the refuge there is a short section of via ferrata, we continue to climb up to 2900m, from this point the view extends and it was possible to see the Piz Boe as hundreds of people on the edges, had thought to climb Piz Boe but I quickly forgot the idea, the weather was still good, we got down a bit and we passed Rifugio Boe where we stopped to eat something.
After having a meal we continue to Forcela Pordoi, followed by the beautiful descent to Passo Pordoi, we pass the Passo and went back up, the trail passes in another col and goes around the slope, from this moment we walk with the massif of Marmolada on our right side the beautiful views keep following, half an hour later we passed the Rifugio Viel dal Pan, it was about 4pm, I started looking for a place to set up the tent and from the Rifugio it was possible to see a flat area between the Rifugio Viel dal pan and Rifugio Castiglioni, near Col Paussa. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful bivaccos in all of Alta Via 2, the sky was getting less and less cloudy until it was completely clear, we set up the tent, took care of dinner and watched quietly the end of this beautiful day.

hotel at Passo Gardena

Rifugio F. Cavazza

Lago Al Pisciadu

Rifugio Boe
Bolonhese, Polenta and Salsiccia, frites!
lots of people around Rifugio Boe
Rifugio Boe

Rifugio Pordoi


Passo Pordoi

Rifugio Viel del Pan

nice spot no pitch the tent

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