18-07-2019 Alta Via 2 Dolomites, day 5, Rifugio Miralago - Forcela di Pradazzo - Forcela di Venegia - Rifugio Mulaz - Mont Mulaz, Italy

texto e fotografias: Xavier

Distance - 17,40km
Height gain - 1482m
Height lost - 835m
Altitude Max - 2906m
Altitude min - 1903m
Type - linear
Effective walk: 7h
Degree of difficulty- T3
track: aqui

video do dia

Day 5
Rifugio Miralago - Passo Valles - Rifugio Mulaz - Monte Mulaz(2906m)

We had breakfast at Rifugio Miralago, the best of all of the Alta Via 2, in the surrounding ridges there was fresh snow. We started the trek towards the San Pellegrino Pass, we partly climbed a ski slope and a couple of hours later we passed the Valles Pass where the climb to the Rifugio Mulaz begins, once again the weather deteriorated rapidly and before reaching the via ferrata to access the Rifugio it started to rain, first it was just a little but latter a lot, fortunately everything went well, once in the refuge we were able to dry things, it was still early but the weather allowed no further progress, highlighting the sympathy of the refuge staff.
In the middle of the afternoon the weather improved, I took a chance to jump to Mount Mulaz and try to see the delicate passage of the next day, Passo Delle Farangole, and it starts to rain once i reached the peak, I went down to the refuge again, we had dinner and the weather got better again, I went back up to Mount Mulaz where I watched the beautiful sunset.
Rifugio Miralago

Passo San Pellegrino

meal at Rifugio Mulaz
Rifugio Mulaz

Passo delle Frangole at the center

again the rain

some good weather at the end of the day

beautiful sunset

Mont Mulaz

don't forget to the ring the bell once you're up there

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