14-07-2019 Alta Via 2 Dolomites, day 1, Plose - Rifugio Plose - Forcela de Putia - Rifugio Genova - Juac, Bressanone, Italy

text and photos: Xavier

Distance - 18,05km
Height gain - 1143m
Height lost - 789m
Altitude Max - 2456m
Altitude min - 1871m
Type - linear
Effective walk: 7h
Degree of difficulty- T2
track: aqui


Alta Via 2

After a beautiful week in Sardinia last May, we choose again Italy as a destination for these two weeks of holidays. This time, we decided to do a trekking of more than a dozen days, the Alta Via 2 of the Dolomites, it looked really good for a first time in the Dolomites.
It usually takes 13 days to travel the 180kms separating Bressanone from Feltre, you can sleep and eat in refuges at each stage, and it is also possible to set up the tent alongside most of the refuges as well as areas where you can camp (setting up the tent at dawn and dismounting shortly after sunrise, as long as it is not a natural or national park area), as we like to be independent we took the tent and food for about 5/6 days, something other than it is not mandatory, but we advise, is the kit via Ferrata and the helmet, especially if you carry a heavy bag(20kgs), there are several days where the route goes through via ferratas, exposed sections equipped with cables.
For those who do not know, vertigo and Dolomites do not go out together.
7 hours by car was the time we needed to get to Feltre, where we would finish the trekking.
To leave the car for such a long period (more than 10 days) the only place in Feltre is Parcheggio Feltrino, contact the owner to get a pass for €35, valid for 1 month.
When we arrived in Feltre we went to the tourist office to find out the timetable for going to Bressanone, supposedly 2 hours by bus and 2 hours by train, something that should last 4 hours took 8, after suppressed trains and the use of taxi that was not foreseen. Most importantly, we arrived in Bressanone the same day.
During this trip we consulted the booking to get an idea of ​​the prices, the average was about 200 euros a night, considering that we would arrive in Bressanone at 23h30m was going to be complicated to set up the tent.
Arriving in Bressanone we went to the hotel Jarolim which is right in front of the gare, the reception was open and we were asked 105€ for a room, it seemed great given the time, we were informed that the night in the hotel included the entrance on public buses and cable cars in the area, that would change our planning for the next day.

Timelapses while Alta Via 2

Day 1, Plose - Rifugio Plose - Putia's Forcela - Rifugio Genova - Juac

The first stage ends at the refuge Plose (2446m), means 2000m of positive difference in a cable car scenario ... paying would be out of the question but once it was included in the stay we enjoyed, and thankfully, when we climbed the cable car we saw that the path has no interest.
The cable car takes us to Plose 2000m, where we officially started Alta Via 2, the hike to the Plose refuge (2446m) is not mandatory but we went in that direction, the sky quickly got covered and when we passed the Plose refuge the sky was completely covered, we continue on the edge to SE for a few moments down the trail n.6 followed by n.14, at 2300m we turned to SO and lost some 250m until finding the track n.4, we passed a road and continued on path n. 4, which ends on a road where we walk for about 1km until it goes to the SE towards Forcela de Putia, we climb through the forest in the first phase and then the trail goes through a small valley until it reaches Forcela de Putia (2357m). The weather seemed to be improving, from this point the trail n.4 continues south to Rifugio Genova (2297m) after passing the Furcela de Munt de Furcia (2340m).
Arriving at Rifugio Genova looked like a kid's summer camp, very noisy, it wasn't the place where we would want to spend the night, aware of the risks if we were caught camping in a natural park area we continued south and soon after we reached the Juac edge, at the Passing Forcela de Putia i've noticed a possible place to put the tent there, something far from the track in a small grave we found a flat place to set up the tent as I had predicted when analyzing the letter.
The night was calm, it rained a good part of the night.

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Hotel Jarolim
Plose 2000

Plose Hutte

Forcela de Putia

Rifugio Genova

Rifugio Genova

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