01-08-2019 Zinal - Côte de la Meya - Pointe d'Arpitetta(3132m) - Col de Milon - Lac d'Arpitetta - Le Vichiesso, Val d'Anniviers, Valais, Suisse

texto e fotografias: Xavier

Distance - 18,90km
Height gain - 1500m
Height lost - 1500m
Altitude Max - 3132m
Altitude min - 1620m
Type - round
Effective walk: 8h
Degree of difficulty- T5 II
track: aqui

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Return to the alpine hikes in our dear canton of Valais.
On this Swiss national day we did something at Val d´Anniviers.
From Zinal we follow towards Pas de Chasseur, as we were with Xarah we climbed by the easiest variant.
We quickly gained altitude and rediscovered the marked trail between Roc de la Vache and Lac d´Arpitetta at around 2300m, from this point we pointed full east and progressed by small paths, not marked.
At 2700m the green gives way to the gray of the rocks, in this part Xarah could hardly control her breathing, we waited for about 20 minutes but she was still very tired, our dear dog can no longer do alpine hikes with us, it is already 13 years ... gave us a huge squeeze in the heart ... but it is life.
Tixa decided to go down with Xarah to Lac d´Arpitetta and I continued towards the Pointe d´Arpitetta peak, going up the west face for what seemed to me the best way while negotiating with the rocks, didn't see cairns.
Once at the peak the scenery was magical, brutal view of the Weisshorn and the Zinalrothorn.
I know that there is a very alpine way to reach this peak, since i was alone i decided to go down by the East ridge , towards Col de Milon, T5 with climbing grade II.
After eating my sandwich and enjoying the scenery, i resumed the walk, went down to Col de Milon very carefully and focused, there are several exposed and air passages where it is forbidden to slip, and going down is always more delicate than climbing.
Once at Col de Milon, I walk down the marked white blue trail to Cabana d'Arpitetta and continue down to Lac d'Arpitetta, where i join Tixa and Xarah.
To return to Zinal we pass by Le Vichiesso, a longer but less steep descent than the climb route.
 starting point

Pointe d'Arpitetta

 west face

 almost there

 at the summit


 outstanding cenario

 Dent Blanche
 Les Diablons and Diablon des Dames

 the East ridge

 looking back

 looking back
near Col de Milon

looking back

 Col de Milon
 Pointe d'Arpitetta

 Cabane d'Arpitetta

 Lac d'Arpitetta