21-08-2019 Alta Via Dolomites, day 8, Rifugio Treviso - Forcela d'Oltro - Rifugio Cereda, Italy

texto e fotografias: Xavier

Distance - 9,73km
Height gain - 937m
Height lost - 1180m
Altitude Max - 2154m
Altitude min - 1386m
Type - linear
Effective walk: 4h30m
Degree of difficulty- T3
track: aqui

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Day 8
Rifugio Treviso - Forcela d'Oltro - Rifugio Cereda

This eighth day started quite cloudy. We started around the slope at about the same altitude, 45 minutes later we attacked the steep climb to the Forcella d'Oltro. An hour and a quarter later we arrived at Forcela d'Oltro from where we have nice views for both sides, the weather got better, we would continue on quite steep terrain for some kilometers, the trail, after losing 200m of altitude, it continues to the right and continues to the edge of imposing cliffs always in a beautiful cenario.
We once again gained altitude before starting the steep descent to the Cereda Pass. This part is equally beautiful and impressive, it has several rock formations that look like spikes. Then we enter the forest where we can see a little part of the impressive damage caused by a strong thunderstorm September last year, huge fallen trees like sticks.
The trail ends at the road, from this point we can continue down to Cereda Pass, where the Cereda Rifugio is located, we arrived around 12h30m, the weather got worse again, we had a very delicious lunch, we eat always very well in Italy.
We had in mind to walk a few more hours, but around 1pm it started to rain and we thought it would be best to stay around, which turned out to be a great idea as we had a lot of fun with our two Italian hiking companions this day, We take the opportunity to eat very well, to change a little from the dry food.
Rifugio Treviso

Pala di San Martino

Forcela d'Oltro

Forcela d'Oltro


Rifugio Cereda
as soon as we get to the rifugio, salami di cervo, oh my god, delicious
and tagliata di manzo, awesome

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