27-10-2019 Mattmark - Alp Distel - Stelli(3357m) W ridge. Valais, Suisse

text and photos: Xavier

Distance - 11,27km
Height gain - 1233m
Height lost - 1233m
Altitude Max - 3357m
Altitude min - 2175m
Type - linear
Effective walk: 5h30m
Degree of difficulty- T3+
track: here

video of the day

This Sunday i returned to the Mattmark dam, i still have a few summits 3000 on my list to do in this region.
I left the car at the parking, crossed the dam to the East side of the dam, followed the path to Ofental, just after the second crossroad there is a cairn that mark the path to Stellipass, just after that i quit the path and head straight East to the beginning of the W ridge of Stelli.
I follow that ridge until the summit, it’s an easy T3+, at about 2900m the snow appeared, in certain places the “path’ had accumlations of 30cm, there are some cairns until the summit.
I reached the summit with 3h10m of hike.
The view is colossal, the Stellihorn has a lot of style, there also some nice views to Mont Rose and Mischabel mountains. In this day i had the pleasure to see bouquetins, royal eagle and a gypaette barbu.
After contemplating the beatiful panorama i returned by the same path, what a nice hike.


path to Stellipass

5 minutes after i quit the path to Stellipass and went straight East

beautiful ibex

final section to Stelli
Stelli and Stellihorn

Mont Rose

Mont Rose
Strahlhorn and Rimpfischhorn
Alphubel at the centre
Mischabel Mountains
at the summit of Stelli