19-07-2019 Alta Via 2 Dolomites, day 6, Rifugio Mulaz - Passo delle Farangole - Sentiero di Ferangole - Rifugio Rosetta - Passo di Ball - Rifugio Pradidali, Italy

texto e fotografias: Xavier

Distance - 15,89km
Height gain - 1525m
Height lost - 1806m
Altitude Max - 2923m
Altitude min - 2219m
Type - linear
Effective walk: 8h
Degree of difficulty- T4 E
track: aqui

video of the day

Rifugio Mulaz - Passo delle Farangole - Rifugio Rosetta - Passo di Ball - Rifugio Pradidali

This sixth day of the Alta Via 2 was a day filled with emotions, passing through several exposed sections and several via ferratas.
After watching the sunrise and having breakfast we started the trek, first we pass Mulaz Pass and attack the climb to the Via ferrata of Passo delle Farangole, both ascent and descent require concentration, once this part is over the trail  remains soft as it goes down and around the slope, followed by another delicate part, equipped and with a huge void of several hundred meters on the left side, the rock was dry, this section with rain requires particular attention, it is an impressive section!
The trail continues up and down until it climbs again towards the Rifugio Rosetta, as there is a cable car a few hundred meters from there we experienced the same feeling when passing the Rifugio Boe, a madness of people everywhere, we had lunch in the Refuge and we had to go inside the refuge because it started to rain.
One thing was for sure, we didn't want to sleep in that area, but we had to play it safe because if we continued we would pass another Via ferrata, around 3 pm, in a new calm of time, we started hiking again, we descended to the fork of the trail that descends to San Martino, continue to the Passo di Ball, a few hundred meters after the fork begins another Via ferrata, equipped section and with the void very present, the rock was not very wet, was good news, this part is equally interesting and impressive, never too hard.
After this section we quickly arrived at Passo di Ball where the Rifugio Pradidali is visible, 20 minutes later we arrived at the refuge.
The weather was still unstable, after half an hour of reflection we decided to set up the tent around the Pradidali Rifugio.
It was a very humid night without rain.
 good morning

Rifugio Mulaz

Mont Mulaz

the famous Passo delle Farangole

Mont Mulaz

looking back
and to the other side of the Passo delle Farangole

looking back, Passo delle Farangole at the centre

Sentiero delle Farangole
back to serious things

awesome this sentiero delle Farangole

Rifugio Rosetta

on the way to Passo di Ball

Passo di Ball
and the path that continues down to San Martino

ok, focus again

Passo di Ball

looking back

Rifugio Pradidali

near the rifugio, nice spot!

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