17-08-2019 Pila - Chamolé - Lac de Chamolé - Becca di Nona, Aosta Valley, Italy

texto e fotografias: Xavier

Distance - 18,10km
Height gain - 1640m
Height lost - 1640m
Altitude Max - 3142m
Altitude min - 1860m
Type - linear
Effective walk: 7h
Degree of difficulty- T2
track: aqui

video of the day

Another beautiful weekend in Aosta, the idea for this Saturday was to make the via ferrata of Mount Emilius, but we miscalculated the thing.
We arrived in Pila around 9 am, the start of the trail is a bit confusing, from Pila's last car park we climbed to Chamolé where there is a farm, at this point we climbed to the lake di Chamolé and instead we should have continued north towards Col Plan Fenetre.
From Lago di Chamolé we continue north and when we reach Col Replan we realized that we had climbed 200m more than expected.
From Col Replan we go down to Comboé Superiore, continued a few minutes south until turning east towards the Bivacco Federigo Zullo located at Col Carrel.
We arrived at this point at 1 pm, the informative panel of via ferrata from Mount Emilius speaks in 3 to 5 hours until it reaches the peak, it was too late to attack the via ferrata.
We became aware that if we want to do this route in a day we have to start walking early, like 6/7h.
From the bivacco, there is a trail to the north towards the south edge of Becca di Nona (3142m). We took the opportunity to hike to this nice peak, just 250m of height gain from the bivacco.
We stayed there enjoying the scenery, the day was beautiful and the landscape too, then we went down the other trail that runs southwest of the peak.
Once again on the ascent trail we continue to Comboé Superiore, from this point we passed Col Plan Fenetre, so we get to know the good way when we go to Mount Emilius next time.
Between Comboé Superiore and Col Plan fenetre there are only 150m of difference, different from 250m for Col Replan.
A little later we pass again in Chamolé and go down to Pila by the same path.


Mont Vélan and Grand Combin

Mont Blanc

Lac de Chamolé

bivacco Federigo Zullo
Becca di Nona

the begining of the way to Mont Emilius

Mont Emilius on the left

Mont Emilius

Aosta at the base of the valley

Becca di Nona

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